Course Fees

If there are course fees, please pay online with your credit card.

Pay your fees as soon as possible when you are notified that you have a confirmed spot. You will receive reminders if you do not pay immediately. However, if a member has not paid a fee by seven days prior to the start of the course/event, the registrant will be automatically dropped from the course and notified that this has occurred. If a member registers late or is dropped from a course for nonpayment of the fee, he/she may re-register and pay the fee immediately provided there is still room in the course.

If you are on the waiting list for a course, you will not be able to pay a fee for that course or event; i.e., no fees will be accepted until you have moved off the waiting list and into a confirmed spot.

Course Fee Refund

A registrant who drops a course for which he/she has paid a fee will qualify for a refund provided the course is dropped and a request for refund is made at least 7 days before the start of the course. The request for a refund can be made to Member Support by phone 231-0095, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or letter to OLÉ!, PO Box 240488 Anchorage, AK 99524-0488

 If a registrant drops a course within 7 days before the start of the course, he/she will not qualify for a refund of any fees paid. However, members can always appeal to the board if they believe that financial hardship or extenuating circumstance warrant consideration.